J-Mann’s Top 5 Albums of the Year

Whooooo hoooooo! Another year has nearly come to a close so you know what that means…. I have to categorize, sort, rate, and belittle the best and worst of everything! I’m breaking it down by media so if you’re incapable of reading the title because your head only points slightly downward, today we are starting with music.

In general, this has been a pretty sweet year in music. Especially if you are a fan of 70’s style hard rock like me (Oh yeah, that might be a major spoiler right there… whatever). Some really neat stuff has crept to my attention and I’m quite impressed. Yet at the same time the music industry seems to have sunken to an even lower depth than I could have ever imagined (yeah, I’ll point it out to you in a bit). It’s ok though, the good stuff this year definitely makes up for the bad stuff. So without typing a bunch more unnecessary garbage to make it look like I’ve really thought this out, ON WITH THE LIST!

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