Cooking With Tronne: Ice Cubes

Whhhhh-hhhoooooooo! I am SUPER EXCITED! I finally forked over the cash for an HD camcorder!

I made sure to get a nice one too! Now I may not be able to eat for a couple of weeks, but I am able to bring you this:

Cooking with Tronne Episode 2: Ice Cubes – our first HD video and our first video branded with the Missile Puppy Production Logo!


6 Signs of Frustration in the IT Office

I work in IT, I am the guy, the IT guy, commonly pronounced by anyone other than IT guys as “it” not “I.T.” but “it” the it guy.

For a time I was the only IT guy, just me and no one else. So here is a list of things you may or may not notice depending on the stress levels if you are a current IT guy, or see your IT guy doing…

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