On a More Serious Note…

First off you may have noticed a few changes around the site. Chandler’s gone and changed the theme and layout on me again, but it does look a bit better, so I’ll forgive him this time. Also we’ve let a few more people into our fold as contributing writers, so hopefully we’ll see some interesting new posts and fresh ideas from them!

And yes, there is a very specific reason why I haven’t written a single blog post in over a month (trust me, I’ve been thinking up millions).

I was involved in a car accident, and if you want the details, read on my friend…

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Scam Emails: What they are REALLY saying: Tom Dave also wants ur monies

Here’s another I pulled out,

Starts off interestingly enough, but claims to be from Britain!

My only regret with this one is that it’s not written in the style of a cockney accent.

To the Scam!

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Scam Emails: What they are REALLY saying

I hate spam… most of the time.

At work I deal with it every day, but what’s more fun that dealing with it is reading the ones that are forever trapped in our spam filter. After reading I thought to myself, “This is hilarious, but I am pretty sure this is what he is actually trying to tell me” and it begins.

Todays letter comes from “Ali Yaradua” from where of course?


“gimme ur monies”

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I Invented a New Game: You Want to Play It.

Hint - This game is lame

Rock Paper Scissors. There’s no real excitement to it is there? Where is the thrill of the hunt? The risk? The splendor? Not here, that’s for sure.

This is why I have created a new game. You want to play it. It’s the Google to your Yahoo, the Facebook to your Myspace, the hamburger to your  sandwich.

It’s Rock Paper Scissors 2.0.

It’s a revelation.

History will be remember in two sections: before and after the game was invented.

It’s here, and it’s called…

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Valentine’s Day No More

Ah yes, you. I know you. You’re single, aren’t you? Valentine’s day is a sad day for you, isn’t it? Its one day a year you truly dread. You watch happy couples walking down the street hand in hand, going out for dinner, giving each other beautiful gifts, and confessing their undying love to each other. All the pink purple red and white splashed gaily about town makes you feel sick. You wonder to yourself, why me? Why do I have to be alone on Valentine’s Day?

But you are not alone, not anymore. I have created a new holiday for single people to celebrate in place of Valentine’s Day, and so far it’s been a “smashing” success.

read on, and your life will be forever changed…

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