I am Chandler. I don’t really do anything but watch and make immature comments. That is my thing and I am pretty good at it.


Thank you

Chandler Giasson.


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David Another Day

Here's a fun idea: Why not follow one of your friends around and pretend they're in an action movie?

45 minutes in 5 This was my trip from Elbow back to Saskatoon sped up 1500%    

Happy Halloween from Missile Puppy! Here's a new Halloween themed video to get you in the holiday spirit!  

We Answer Your Questions! - MP Mail Bag

Today in a very special video, Chandler and Jordan answer your questions!

The Thanksgiving Thanksgiver

Every Thanksgiving, much like Santa Clause, the half-man half-turkey known as the Thanksgiver travels the world punishing the thankless for their sins. Featuring: Chandler Giasson Alicia Norton Kelsey Ostlund Tronne Kalthoff and Fraser Steeves Filmed and Edited by: Jordan Mann This is the first video filmed with some new equipment! Camera: Canon T3i Lens: […]


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