This is me.

Hi All,

My name is Jordan Mann. I believe that you aren’t truly living unless you spend time doing the things you enjoy. I enjoy computers, media production, and laughing. Oh, also puddles and loose string, sitting in corners, and thinking about Oxford commas.

Wait, what were we talking about?

– Jordan Mann

Latest Posts by Jordan:

  • A Surprising Amount Of Recent TimeSplitters News

    Jordan recalls the TimeSplitters games, lamenting the closure of Free Radical Design (FRD) and excited about recent developments despite setbacks. A PS3 with TimeSplitters 4 was found, Embracer Group’s acquisition of FRD hinted at a series revival, but financial issues led to another studio closure. A leaked video showed an uncharacteristic build of the new…

  • WordPress Caching

    Jordan expresses frustration with WordPress’ “Site Health” for advising third-party caching plugins without providing its own solution.

  • Infinite Craft

    Infinite Craft

    There’s this guy named Neal who makes the coolest little web games / interactive pages. (Seriously, everything on his site is so cool you should definitely check it out: ). His new “game” might be the weirdest, but also most addictive one yet. It’s called Infinite Craft, and starting with just “earth”, “wind”, “fire”,…

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