I am Chandler. I don’t really do anything but watch and make immature comments. That is my thing and I am pretty good at it.


Thank you

Chandler Giasson.


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Site Migration

Hello, We are currently moving the site. Probably going to be the last post on this site. Unless Jordan pulls a quick one. Chandler.

See Missile Puppy Footage on iFood.TV's "Brutally Delicious"!

A few months back we had an opportunity to film a cooking segment for Brutally Delicious with our good friends the New Jacobin Club. Well guess what? Said segment is now available for viewing! Click HERE!

What's all this Then?

Uh oh. What's going on here? We've got new (and thankfully better) cameras! Here's a behind the scenes picture from a still-sort-of-secret video shoot we did with The New Jacobin Club last Sunday. Stay tuned for more details as the project comes closer to completion!

What Do You Think We Should Do For Our Next Video? - Video!

Uh oh, our imaginations are running out!

Kid Flash

Drawing tablet rendition of Kid Flash with some *Flash point spoilers* I felt like drawing this after the release of final Flashpoint Kid Flash where Kid Flash mirrors the self-sacrificing actions of Barry in the Crisis on Infinite Earths (not as epic but drawn to look identical). Anyway, feel free to check it out and […]


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