WordPress Caching

This blog runs on a WordPress Docker container, and WordPress has a handy little tool called “Site Health” that lets you know if you’ve configured anything wrong/sub-optimally. That’s great! However to my annoyance, it recommended that I enable caching… by installing one of a variety of 3rd party plug-ins. I’m not against caching, obviously that’s a great idea! What annoys me is that WordPress recommends everyone have caching enabled… but doesn’t offer it as a feature themselves! It’s so strange to tell me to go figure it out on my own. Thanks I guess?

I ended up installing W3 Total Cache as it looked like it doesn’t have too much extra crap, and wow, even just enabling some basic page caching dramatically speeds things up. I hear faster pages helps your Google search ranking too? I guess in the end I’m impressed, but still annoyed…

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