The Zombie Hunters

Sample of Jenny's stuff

With the ever expanding reach of the internet the world has effectively shrunk to one big pit where people can toss out any little idea ;).  With all the ideas and creativity floating out there it is surprisingly easy to miss out on gems. One such gems I have found is The Zombie Hunters.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future. It follows a group of infected survivors who carry a dormant strain of the zombie virus. These individuals are marked and segregated from the non-infected because once they die they will reanimate and crave flesh. The marked are used to collect supplies and hunt Zombies in the wastes that were left when the shit hit the fan.

Now for the like and dislikes.


It is a beautifully paneled comic that immediately pulls you in and creates a great sense of tension. The story is inviting and addictive without leaving behind a sense of being needy and repetitive. Its a click spawning read that brings  She has a great talent for character development and you find yourself honestly not wanting to see your favourite character get ripped apart.

The comedic elements of the comic are well placed and great for getting you off balance before someone gets it.


There is not much I have found with Jenny Romanchuk’s Zombie Hunters that I didn’t like. There could be more polishing of the comic before release. And there was a format shift that confused who the characters were a bit.

It is drawn and written by a talented artist named Jenny Romanchuk. Jenny and her husband maintain the site and sell the merch. I recommend you go and buy this comic. Or at least read it for free on their site.

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