6 Signs of Frustration in the IT Office

I work in IT, I am the guy, the IT guy, commonly pronounced by anyone other than IT guys as “it” not “I.T.” but “it” the it guy.

For a time I was the only IT guy, just me and no one else. So here is a list of things you may or may not notice depending on the stress levels if you are a current IT guy, or see your IT guy doing…


 You start sitting in your car for over 20 minutes before putting it into gear and going to work. You are not waiting for it to warm up. You simply sit there, thinking about what BS is going to head your way just wanting to stay away from it as long as you can, then you remember, you need to eat and you also kind of like living indoors.


Your email replies go from descriptive and verbose responses to short to the point responses:

  • “I’ll look into it”
  • “That’s odd”
  • “I’m on it.”

 to more argumentive:

  • “What do you mean it blew up??”
  • “Why did you open it”
  • “How is that even possible?”

to an auto reply,

  • “Your email has been recieved and is under review, I’ll look into it.”
  • “Your email has been recieved and is under review, I’ll look into it.”
  • “Your email has been recieved and is under review, I’ll look into it…”


 Your facial expressions when people enter your office initially start at:

: D

and progress over the months like this.

Month 2               Month 3            Month 4          Month 4 Week 1           Month 4 Week 2
       :  )                     :    |                 ; \                         >_<                                 >: |

Month 4 Week 3


 Whenever the phone starts ringing in the IT office, adjacent offices always hear a kind of stifled cursing which gets louder and more noticeable if its the one person that calls every day and the problems they have are not problems at all.


Cat 5 cables start to disappear and you notice they are stored in desk into makeshift nooses.

Ha. just kidding, you don’t have enough Cat 5 cable to make anything like that and they won’t approve a new supply.


 You find your administrator actually hanging on that cat 5 cable you didnt approve, turns out he simply used the existing drops effectively taking the network with him to the grave. A note exists on the desk.

“Yes the network is down, there is some cabling trouble that will require fixing, estimated downtime: How quickly they get me down.

I’ll look into it.”


The auto reply still replies to your emails.

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