Tasting with Tom & Tom: Naked Grape Shiraz vs Naked Grape Cabernet Sauvignon

Recently my roommate (Tom) and I (Tom), have been interested in becoming knowledged in the ways of wine. To do this we’ve decided to taste as much as we can…. also because it’s F*ing delicious. Today’s selections come from the Naked Grape collection, A Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon.

I popped open the Shiraz and we had our first drink. I Found the Shiraz to have a woody taste, while Tom found it to be a more of a fruitier wine. Upon a closer examination I also found it to be fruity but I could taste an underlying oaklike taste. Tom argued that there is no way I could possibly know what oak tastes like. Thus we agreed that the Shiraz had a very sharp initial taste, but was a smoother drink going down.

Then a Gypsy (roommate) appeared and we agreed to share drink in exchange for his tears. Solemnly he agreed, boasting of a recent victory he had against some barters over their stolen wares. His initial reaction was that he couldn’t stop thinking about Oak Barrels. His second thought was that “it tastes like wine to me”. We then cast the gypsy aside whilst agreeing that the Shiraz leaves a last resonant note on your pallet. One that seems to kiss your enamel, leaving a sweet yet sharp signature informing you that a delectable wine has just passed through, spent the night, and will be leaving in the morning.

On the abridged Tom & Tom scale of ten we rate this wine to be a Woodchuck – cute, yet native. Nothing special to be honest.

It was then time for the Cabernet Sauvignon. Unanimously, we found it to have a strong front with an aggressive presence that went down quite smoothly. Though unlike the Shiraz, it’s presence was more of a “WAM-BAM-THANKYOUMAM-STEALTHEVAN”.

Grand Theft Auto and one night stand’s aside –  if we were to use one phrase to explain this it would have to be “You made a meeting with Mombose!” Who’s Mombose? That doesn’t matter, this is what the CabSav is all about. If this were an animal It would be a flying mountain ram  type monster, with strong natural swimming abilities. A very majestic, yet elusive beast that is gone as quickly and beautify as it arrives.

We began to suspect the possibly deceptive nature of the wine. The gypsy felt that it tasted as if it were a locke of ben afflecks (stunning) hair, as seen in the film “Goodwill Hunting”. Tom felt that it tasted like the juices wrung out of a pirate-professor’s wool cardigan and silk death-scarf.

Upon finishing, we all agreed that the CabSav is the clear victor. If wine is to be judged as if it were war-time casualties – the CabSav would be South Korea during the Korean War. An excellent Battle indeed. Although the Shiraz put up an great fight and can hold it’s head up high as it walks away, pride intact.

Till Next time this has been Tasting with Tom & Tom!

Stay invigorated friends.


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