Hi all,

My name is Jordan Mann. I believe that you aren’t truly living unless you spend time doing the things you enjoy. I enjoy computers, media production, and laughing. Oh, also puddles and loose string, sitting in corners, and thinking about Oxford commas.

Wait, what were we talking about?


– Jordan Mann


 Posts by Jordan:

Video for Work

I sadly don't have time to make many videos anymore so when the opportunity arises I get very excited. Here's a little something I cooked up for work:

New short! Tronne's Dilemma 2: Political Flyers It's been a while since we made a new video, hasn't it? Well we're back! It's a short one, but it's a sweet one. Tronne's Dilemma 2: Political Flyers finds Tronne eager to respond to a political flyer left in his mailbox. That is, before his entire world comes CRASHING DOWN. Written by and […]

Unreal Tournament or Twerking Simulator 2015?

I was playing the new Unreal Tournament Alpha and noticed some peculiar butt activity...

Happy Halloween!

To commemorate the day, here's a game or reverse hangman I made in a programming class a few years ago. If you don't answer the questions correctly the murder kills Janet!  

Here's Every One Of My Girlish Screams...

Recorded while I played Alien Isolation. It's too scary guys.