Hi all,

My name is Jordan Mann. I believe that you aren’t truly living unless you spend time doing the things you enjoy. I enjoy computers, media production, and laughing. Oh, also puddles and loose string, sitting in corners, and thinking about Oxford commas.

Wait, what were we talking about?


– Jordan Mann


 Posts by Jordan:

Now The Alien Has Found Me. Frequently.

Ug. He's hard to get away from. This might be my last Alien Isolation game play video. It's too scary and everyone can see how big of a wuss I am.

Ok. I Found The Alien This Time. And I can't hide from it very well.

Watch Me Play an Alien Game Where I Can't Even Find The Alien

Not that it will be very interesting or anything.

David Another Day

Here's a fun idea: Why not follow one of your friends around and pretend they're in an action movie?

Ice Bucket? How about LIQUID NITROGEN BUCKET? Take that wusses!