Workplace Radio

Hello all,

Radio sucks. I have been sitting at work with the radio on and I have noticed some things that are super annoying.

I am not talking about the ads which are a necessity of keeping the station going.  No, my problem is with the fact that they claim to be “The home of rock” and then the proceed to play the same theory of a grace back clone songs over and over. Like the I enjoy some of the songs but its like when you say a word over and over until it loses its meaning and becomes as useless and scary as the greeters at Wal-Mart.

Other than the simple fact that all the radio station seem to all use the same CD with the same 12 songs I really have nothing else I dislike about it. And I understand its a quick serve medium where they cater mainly to people driving for 10 minutes but really don’t call it workplace radio if i cannot listen to it for more than an hour without hearing the same song.

A special note for Sirius\XM:

Lighten up on the Lady Gaga. PLEASE! or I will come for you.


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