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Hello all,

On these days when I switch to midnight shift I find myself with a lot of time to kill. There is not much I can do. I can’t talk to anyone they are sleeping. I can’t go to the comic book store because it has this thing about not being open at 4 in the morning. So I find my self re-sorting or reading my comics, or finding random shit on the Internet.


Today I came across someone talking about the sailor moon theme song so I watched it on youtube and it got me thinking, now I was never a frequent viewer but watching the intro reminded me of a character named tuxedo mask. All I know about the character was that he wore a tuxedo, mask, cape and was a typical brooding anime male. If I had to assume what his powers were by western standards it would be the ability to blend in at up scale parties and not having anyone see his face. I don’t know how this power would help him in anyway. But TM (tuxedo mask) did have an uncanny ability to stick roses into shit like a dart or a throwing knife. The thing about TM is his name, a convention in western comics is that the character commonly take a name that relates to his powers………..not their clothes.

I was trying to think of characters that took it upon themselves to get their name from their costume rather than power. I first thought of yellowjacket but that does not count because I just made that connection with jacket. He actually names himself after the asshole bug and all his other personas are related to his sizing abilities. I also thought of cloak from the cloak and dagger comics. He has  a fairly strong connection from costume to name but his powers also allow him access to another dimension, teleportation and intangibility. So I would say that cloak in the sense of hiding things applies more than him wearing a giant ass cloak.

I guess the point I am trying to sharpen is the fact that anime can get away with the crazy name shit. I don’t think Superman would have sold as well if he was named blue long johns red underwear and  hooker boots.

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