Hennessey Welch – Coral’s Song (Music Video)

My cousin Hennessey and were vary close as kids, but then his family moved to Vancouver. Even though we try to, we don’t see each other that often anymore. But it still came as a shock when I heard he was diagnosed with stage 2 testicular cancer. That’s not something you want to have at any age, but Hennessey, like myself, is only 22!

The good news is that he caught it fast and got the treatment he needed right away. He is done chemo now and is doing very well.

When I heard what happened, I took a week off work to go spend some time with him. Honestly, it felt like we’d hardly spent any time apart, we still have so much in common.

While I was there we quickly laid down a tacks and some footage and I managed to whip up this little music video for him.

Hennessey you have an amazing voice! I’m so glad you are still alive. you are such a wonderful, brave, and courageous person. Never stop being you!

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