So I’ve Been Playing a Lot of LETHAL COMPANY

this video contains all of my screams

The kids keep me pretty busy these days so I don’t get up to as much gaming as I used to, but a few of my friends and I heard about this LETHAL COMPANY game that’s been blowing up on Steam and had to give it a go. Holy crap this game is fun. Again, I do not have a lot of free time, but I’ve been drawn to spending most of it playing this stupid and hilarious game the last couple of weeks

For the uninitiated: you work as a team of 4 flying a spaceship to various moons so you can rummage through abandoned warehouses and haunted mansions looking for enough scrap metal and other junk to sell to the company so you can make quota. Also you have to run away from monsters. It’s so beautifully stupid. What ties it all together is the excellent proximity chat. There’s nothing more terrifying than hearing your friends scream cut short in a nearby room…

I’m always amazed at what weird little game concepts blow up big. It’s crazy to think that one solo dev made this game and it’s outselling all these massive blockbuster games with multi-million dollar budgets made by hundreds of people.

So all that said, if you want to see me scream in terror and swear a lot at every new monster I encounter… then this highlight video is for you (you weirdo).

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