I admit it: I’m getting old. I really don’t understand what the deal is with TikTok and short vertical videos in general. But I’m ok with that, I’m totally cool with not understanding what the kids are into these days. I accept my fate.

And now that I’ve said that… I was real bored the other day so I chopped up a bunch of our old MissilePuppy videos into short vertical clips and posted them to YouTube and Facebook… and I’ll be damned. Most of these videos got way more views in vertical format than they ever did as “regular” YouTube videos. We’re talking thousands instead of dozens in some cases. Maybe it’s the way the format and the algorithm work? People can spam-watch a bunch of these in a short period of time so it’s easier to get it in front of people?

Either way it inspired me to get over my old man fears of TikTok and make an account to post a few clips there. My account was almost immediate banned with no explanation. I guess TikTok is super anti guns/weapons so maybe having “Missile” in my name got me banned? Whatever, I made a new account without any references to weapons in the name and it seems to have stuck around, BUT NOW I can’t post most of the videos I made because the gun ban is super strict and like half of these videos end with someone getting shot (I am aware that’s my only punchline).

I give up. I’m too old for this shit.

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