I Invented a New Game: You Want to Play It.

Hint - This game is lame

Rock Paper Scissors. There’s no real excitement to it is there? Where is the thrill of the hunt? The risk? The splendor? Not here, that’s for sure.

This is why I have created a new game. You want to play it. It’s the Google to your Yahoo, the Facebook to your Myspace, the hamburger to your  sandwich.

It’s Rock Paper Scissors 2.0.

It’s a revelation.

History will be remember in two sections: before and after the game was invented.

It’s here, and it’s called…

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Valentine’s Day No More

Ah yes, you. I know you. You’re single, aren’t you? Valentine’s day is a sad day for you, isn’t it? Its one day a year you truly dread. You watch happy couples walking down the street hand in hand, going out for dinner, giving each other beautiful gifts, and confessing their undying love to each other. All the pink purple red and white splashed gaily about town makes you feel sick. You wonder to yourself, why me? Why do I have to be alone on Valentine’s Day?

But you are not alone, not anymore. I have created a new holiday for single people to celebrate in place of Valentine’s Day, and so far it’s been a “smashing” success.

read on, and your life will be forever changed…

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The Sideburn Experiment.


Call me what you will, but I often get ideas in my head for (what I think) could be cool youtube videos. For the past 2 months or so I’ve had this idea mulling around my brain that if I could make it look like I lit a match with my sideburns, it would look tough and manly and everybody in the world would want to be my best friend. I’ve also been debating the merits of having such giant sideburns in the first place (other guys think they’re cool while most girls seem creeped out). So I figured I had better hurry up and create this documented evidence that I, at one point, had such sideburns.

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J-Mann’s Top 5 Film’s of the Year

What’s that you say? There’s only a few hours left before the new year? Well then WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR!? ON WITH THE REVIEWS!

Films seem to have been getting less focused on actually having a good plot and more focused on blowing up as many things as possible the past few years. There have been a few gems this year that manage to blow things up and actually make sense… AT THE SAME TIME! This is good news, and I hope it continues well into the new decade and beyond. I’m also super happy to have seen some really awesome Sci Fi movies come out this year (oh yeah, that might give half this list away) and I love me some good Sci Fi. 

Alright, LIST GET! 

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J-Mann’s Top 5 Albums of the Year

Whooooo hoooooo! Another year has nearly come to a close so you know what that means…. I have to categorize, sort, rate, and belittle the best and worst of everything! I’m breaking it down by media so if you’re incapable of reading the title because your head only points slightly downward, today we are starting with music.

In general, this has been a pretty sweet year in music. Especially if you are a fan of 70’s style hard rock like me (Oh yeah, that might be a major spoiler right there… whatever). Some really neat stuff has crept to my attention and I’m quite impressed. Yet at the same time the music industry seems to have sunken to an even lower depth than I could have ever imagined (yeah, I’ll point it out to you in a bit). It’s ok though, the good stuff this year definitely makes up for the bad stuff. So without typing a bunch more unnecessary garbage to make it look like I’ve really thought this out, ON WITH THE LIST!

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Race war

Hello all,

On these days when I switch to midnight shift I find myself with a lot of time to kill. There is not much I can do. I can’t talk to anyone they are sleeping. I can’t go to the comic book store because it has this thing about not being open at 4 in the morning. So I find my self re-sorting or reading my comics, or finding random shit on the Internet.


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Workplace Radio

Hello all,

Radio sucks. I have been sitting at work with the radio on and I have noticed some things that are super annoying.

I am not talking about the ads which are a necessity of keeping the station going.  No, my problem is with the fact that they claim to be “The home of rock” and then the proceed to play the same theory of a grace back clone songs over and over. Like the I enjoy some of the songs but its like when you say a word over and over until it loses its meaning and becomes as useless and scary as the greeters at Wal-Mart.

Other than the simple fact that all the radio station seem to all use the same CD with the same 12 songs I really have nothing else I dislike about it. And I understand its a quick serve medium where they cater mainly to people driving for 10 minutes but really don’t call it workplace radio if i cannot listen to it for more than an hour without hearing the same song.

A special note for Sirius\XM:

Lighten up on the Lady Gaga. PLEASE! or I will come for you.